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Piers Nicholson Sundials

Piers Nicholson has been designing and selling scientific stainless steel sundials since 2002  He was 74 years old when he started, and now, having sold overe 200 of these beautiful eye-catching  sundials, he has decided to retire . Old age, the impact of Covid on demand, minimum order sizes on stainless steel, and declining steel quality have turnedd a business which started as a joy into one with endless hassles.  I had hoped to fsind someone interested in sundials to take over the stainless steel, but without success

I still have a small stock of 15 cm. stainless steel sundials, suitable for indoor windowsills or for small gardens.  They are available for imeediate despatch.

Also available are four universal polar dials in brass, which can be adjusted to suit any laetititude.

for more info, ring/ text +447 909 747 335

       15 cm stainless steel sundial


The 15 cm. stainless sundial is suitable for windowsills or small gardens. It It makes an ideal and unique present for a wedding or for a special occasion.  In fact. it can go in any sunny corener which has a horisontal surface to stand the sundial on.More details here. 

Each sundial comes with full instructions for accurate alignment to True North and for determining civil time(watch time) from sun time.  When set up in accordance with these instructions, the sundial will tell solar time accurate to the nearest 3 minutes or so.

        brass universal polar sundial

Our Universal Polar brass sundials are adjustable for latitude, so the dials are suitable fowr ethe whole Northern hemisphere from equator to pole.  

They come in 2 models:

the small baseplate model measures 30 cm x 10 x 12H and weighs 6 kg.

the large baseplate model measures 30 cm x 30 x12H and weighs 8.5 kg and can be engraved (at extra cost) on the baseplate 

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