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Computer design programs for sundials



This page lists, first, all the programmes we know about which have been recommended by members, and then others which we have not had any feedback on. We welcome news of other programmes and will include them here - it is very helpful if you can do a short review of what they do.

Orologi Solari e Meridiane

A computer programme which will calculate hour lines for horizontal dials, vertical declining/reclining dials, analemmatic horizontal dials, analemmatic vertical declining dials, azimut horizontal projective dials and azimut vertical declining projective dials is now available in Italian, English and Czech, Potuguese, Spanish, and French

The Sundial Primer by Carl Sabanski

A new section of Carl Sabanski's website at helps novice diallists to design and build a sundial. It offers a number of simple spreadsheets he hqas developed. There are also a couple of PDF templates. It shows how programs such as ZW2000, Shadows and The Dialist's Companion can be used to design sundials.

CalCad by Yvon Masse

The very detailed user manual (available in French and in English) describes how this program can be used to  calculate the declination of a wall, and also the gnomon dimensions and hour lines for many different types of sundials.  The program is available for many versions of Windows and for Macs.


Cartesius Web ihas web-based templates with facilities for entry of local data.  The templates will calculate the necessary construction details to make flat, cylindrical, conical, analemmatic and reflexion sundials.

SHC Sundial design

This large website by Miroslav Broz enables you to calculate horizontal, vertical, equatorial, and other kinds of sundials, as well as giving plenty of information about sun position, the eq1uation of time, and a catalogue of sundials in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries.  It is available in Czeck and in English. 

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