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Links to websites with images of many sundials


Our previous website had many more links than appear here, but a majority of them appear to have moved or been removed from the web.  But you may be able to find where they have gone, or you may know of other sites which should be added to the list.  If you do, please send us an Email to webmaster [at]

Most of our sundial trails have pictures of sundials in specific geographical areas.

The websites listed on our locations page have hundreds of images of sundials in the countries they cover.

You can also find multiple images of sundials by doing Google searches on such terms as "images sundials", " images horizontal sundials" "images stainless horizontal sundials" etc. etc.

Sundials of Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, - 

Sundials of Scotland

Sundials of Ireland

Stained Glass Sundials

Sundials of the Czech republic 

Catalogue of sundials in Hungary

Sundials of Paris

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