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Links to all the sundial websites created by Piers Nicholson are listed here, together with other websites which you may find useful.

Piers Nicholson Sundials

Websites originally created by Piers Nicholson

This website  

My previous website on stainless steel sundials

One of ther leading information websites about sundials. It includes some sundial trails all over the world, including the Great sundial at Jaipur in India

Describes some of the public sundials designed by Piers Nicholson

Produces a table showing the exact time of solar noon for your latitude and longitude for every day of the year.   An indispensable guide for setting up a sundial

Describes the Piers Nicholson sundial on the South Bank of the Thames, near Toweer Bridge in in London

Describes the 8 different models of brass sundials originally designed by Piers Nicholson, but now sold by Nate Burke

Other sundial websites

The British Sundial Sociaty website - A wealth of information about how sundials work, lots of pictures, and a map-based inventory of all the sundials in the British Isles

The North American Sundial Society website - a very comprehensive website which includes illustrated lists of North American sundials divided by state/province and a very full links page

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